FarmXtend is a smart and innovative monitoring system that provides the right information for your crop and irrigation management.
By delivering precise above-and-below-ground data online, every day, it allows you to monitor your fields and make
well-informed decisions when you need to, wherever you are.

hand 75x75 grijsCrop protection

Optimize crop protection by spraying at the most effective moment and prevent diseases within your crop when the risk of infection is high.

tijd 75x75grijsSave time and be more organized

Being able to view water levels and weather conditions remotely saves the time it takes to physically go out to the fields. In addition, by knowing weather forecast you are able to better plan out.

druppel 75x75 grijskleinerWater savings

Knowing the exact soilmoisture for each field help optimize watering, thus preventing overwatering, which can impact crop health.

2 75x75 grijskleinerSave costs

Smart farming leads to lower costs on labor, water, and nutrients for crops.

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