FarmXtend is a smart and innovative monitoring system that provides the right information for your crop and irrigation management. Supplying wireless farm sensors makes precision farming possible for farmers all over the world. Part of the farmxtend system is an agricultural soil sensor, agricultural weather station and an agricultural rain gauge to optimize crop growth on your fields.

hand 75x75 grijsCrop protection

Optimize crop protection by spraying at the most effective moment and prevent diseases.


tijd 75x75grijsSave time and be more organized

Real-time field data to optimize field activities at the right time. 

druppel 75x75 grijskleinerWater savings

Measuring remotely the soil moisture for each field helps optimize irrigation for a better growth and harvest.


2 75x75 grijskleinerSave costs

Smart farming leads to lower costs on labor, water and nutrients.

Our products

WeatherXact Plus

Crop & soil

RainXact Plus

Rain gauge

SoilXact Plus

Soil moisture sensor

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User stories

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    Geert Steenhuis
    Technical Advisor at GMN

    “Using the WeatherXact you gain lots of data regarding the crop circumstances. This data can be used to update and alter our long term strategy. I can imagine that in the near future this data will be used to finetune the forcing flower bulbs’ growing conditions. ”

  • image Corné Kempenaar
    Senior Scientist at Wageningen Plant Research

    “Precision farming is not possible without actual local crop climate data combined with soil moisture and soil temperature data. Since 2016 I use the WeatherXact from FarmXtend on a field in Wagening,which has given me a good overview about the soil- and climate conditions for two years now. Usage of this data leads to better crop management.”

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    Gerard van Nieuwenhuijzen
    Owner at arable farm NIVU

    “Using sensors and the FarmXtend app gives me a better insight in precipitation on different fields. Furthermore, the differences per crop regarding relative humidity and temperature are evident. Expanding the amount of SoilXacts (better insight in soilmoisture) and translating this data to a crop care level is a challenge we are solving in collaboration with FarmXtend.”

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