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Agriculture weather station


Agricultural weather station

Know what happens where, to more efficiently plan your day to day activities. WeatherXact plus is an intelligent agricultural weather station with a very farmer-friendly system. This wireless weather station provides precise data about your crops and fields. Which allows you to make better daily decisions for better crop growth and more efficient and sustainable food production.

  Best-in-class crop and soil sensor

  Crop conditions (temperature & humidity)

  Field climate (temperature & humidity)

  Soil temperature on two depths (5 & 20 cm)


Crop climate on 25 cm  Temperature °C & RV                 
Crop climate on 75 cm Temperature °C & RV 
Soil temperature 5 & 20 cm Temperature °C
Position Based on GNSS


Battery                                          Lithium, 3.6V, 14500 mAh (3x)                
Battery life time Approximately 5 years*
Not replaceable

*Battery lifetime depends on mode, location, operation temperature, and frequency of measurements and transmissions. Standard configuration gives a lifetime of 5 years (estimated based on tests and simulations)


Method                                          GPRS/ NB-IoT/LTE-M                         
Cellular network Vodafone
Standard transmission frequency GPRS: 8 x a day (180 min)
NB-IoT: 12 x a day


Temperature                                    ± 0,5 °C (In range of -10° - +85°)
Relative Humidity (RH) ± 2% at 0-100% RH
GNSS                                              Outside ± 25 meters  
(depending on environment factors)


Length                                   107 cm
Weight gram
Diameter  5 cm                                        

External data sources (based on gps-position)

Preciption indication in mm                  Radar / High Resolution Weather model 
Wind dirrection and speed Weather station national network (m/s) 
Sun irradiation W/m2 MeteoSatellite (15min / 3km2)

Calculated parameters

Leaf wetness      Wet/Dry per hour
Dew point Temperature °C


WeatherXact app

 Actual data

Real-time and ultra-local information about your crop, field and soil. 

 History back to 1 year 

All the data is visible in the historie of the application up to one year back.

 Free download 

The FarmXtend application is free available on iOS and Android.

Agricultural weather data


optimize crop    Alerts En      Crop growth 




The Alert module send you automatic notifications and helps you to prevent crop damage. Based on field specific data out of the WeatherXact Plus and proven models, disease pressure is calculated for your field. To provide you with the right fieldspecific spray time, SprayXpert incorporates a number of different types of data with the advanced and proven algorithms of our expert team.


  Alerts (Free)


  14 Day weather forecast (Free)


  DiseaseXpert (Paid)


 SprayXpert (Paid)


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Corn Kempenaar 4 Corné Kempenaar, Senior scientist at Wageningen University & Research in the Netherlands-

“Precision farming is not possible without real-time local crop climate data combined with soil moisture and soil temperature data. Since 2016 I use this agricultural weather station on a field in Wageningen (The Netherlands), which has given me a good overview of the soil- and climate conditions for two years now. Usage of this data leads to better crop management and in the end to better crop growth.”