Monitor easily rainfall on your fields!

agricultural rain gauge

Agricultural rain gauge

The frequency and intensity of rainfall has been increased in recent decades due to changes in the climate. This wireless rain gauge is a robust and reliable measuring instrument for agricultural purposes.

  Self-emptying tipping bucket, which assures reliable information

  Accurate data due to the machine calibrated system

 Resolution of 0.5 mm and an accuracy of ± 5%

  Wireless connects via NB-IoT, CAT-M & GPRS


Rainfall                               Amount of mm / hour                
Position Based on GNSS


Battery                                          Lithium, 3.6V, 17000Ah (2x)                
Battery life time Approximately 5 jaar*
Not replaceable

*Battery lifetime depends on mode, location, operation temperature, and frequency of measurements and transmissions. Standard configuration gives a lifetime of 5 years (estimated based on tests and simulations)


Method                                          GPRS/ NB-IoT/LTE-M                         
Cellular network Vodafone
Standard transmission frequency GPRS: 8 x a day (180 min)
NB-IoT: 12 x a day


Measure accuracy               +/- 5%                                        
Standard sample interval 0,5 mm
Accuracy GNSS +/- 25 meters (depending on
environmental factors)


Product size                                          1159 mm                                                 


RainXact app

 Actual data

Real-time and ultra-local preciption information.

 History back to 1 year 

All the data is visible in the history of the application up to one year back.

 Rainfall Alert

Set an alert and receive a notification when the set limit is reached. 

agricultural preciption data



RainXact agriculture rainfaill

Smart rain gauge

The RainXact plus is a FarmXtend product that helps growers to easily gather information on the crops. This agricultural rain gauge provides with real time preciption data, which leads to better insight and water savings.

  High-quality plastic materials and a simple design for a long service life 

  Wireless via NB-IoT, CAT-M and GPRS

Product:      Agricultural rain sensor
Frequency:    30 minutes
Type of measurement:          Precipitation in mm
Warranty: 1 year
Network: NB-IoT, CAT-M and GPRS
Delivery: Within 14 working days