The right decisions at the right time is vital to the success of your farm!

Disease pressure



Based on field specific data out of the WeatherXact and proven models, disease pressure is calculated for your field. Make more informed decisions and act in advance to potential threats and reduce risks and damage.

 Field specific disease pressure

 5 days forecast

 2 days history

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With the SprayPlanner you receive recommendations on the optimum spraying time. The SprayPlanner was developed by experienced agricultural meteorologists and can be used for all sprays and crops.

 Save hundreds of euro's per season


 48 hours forecast and advice per hour


 Suitable for herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and growth regulators

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Spray planner agriculture

Alert agriculture field


The message module helps you protect yourself against abnormal and unexpected conditions. Experience the comfort of alarm messages and stay informed about new measurements on your property around the clock!

  Protect your property from frost and heat damage

  Secure your property and set minimum and maximum values

  Free 30-Day Trial Version

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Erno Bouma

"Different sensors, all in the same application".

The FarmXtend application shows very simple and easy all the data from different sensors. The field-specific data provide reliable disease protection and spraying recommendations, which can save every farmer a lot of money.