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Receive an alert when the set limit is reached. It helps you protect your crop from abnormal and unexpected conditions. You will receive a message when a defined value is exceeded or when it drops below this set value.

  It can be adjusted for the WeatherXact and SoilXact


  Sends a notification when a new measurement is performed


  Adjustable for temperature and humidity

You can try the Alert module for free in the FarmXtend App on your phone. Experience the convenience of Alerts and stay automatically informed!

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The WeatherXact measures and transmits data wirelessly about the climate on your plants and the soil temperature. The FarmXtend App on your phone makes it easier to see all the details of your fields from a far. Alerts make sure that you will be automatically notified when a specified value is exceeded or when the value drops below this set value. Alerts are available in the FarmXtend app and can also be set for the SoilXact.   

  Temperature and relative humidity in and around the crop


  Soil temperature in two depths (at -5 & -20 cm)


  Coverage by GPRS / NB-IoT / LTE-M network

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