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Crop protection


Optimise the health of your crop by spraying at the right time, only where and when needed.

  48 hours planning for the most effective spraying moment

  48 hours wind forecast at boom height

  Highest efficacy of your spray application! 

  Free 30 days trial


To provide you with the right field-specific spray time, SprayXpert incorporates a number of different types of data with the advanced and proven algorithms of our expert team. Better for crop health and planet.

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A crop protection product contains one or more active ingredients. Each active ingredient acts on a biochemical process within plants, insects or fungi. To act, the active ingredient has to transfer from the spray nozzle to the location of this biochemical process. Either the route to or the process itself is always weather related. In total the service comprises of 25 process models that describe the influence of weather parameters on biochemical processes.

  Developed by experienced agro-meteorologists


  For all crop protection products and crops


  Accurate and reliable in conjunction with the agriculture weather station


  Apply at the right time and save money

crop protection 


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